Berny Sansome Counselling

Manchester, Greater Manchester, M2 7DD
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M35 9JZ
Phone: 07539 141411
Summary: If you are suffering from unresolved grief, general anxiety, or stress I offer you a safe empathic and confidential space to talk.  Maybe you [...]
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What fires in the brain, wires in the brain

What an interesting and thought-provoking idea. Paradoxically complex and yet surprisingly simple to explain in terms of anxiety and, in particular, and low mood. Let me expand on this… Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can vary widely in...

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Valuing our Values

We do, or we learn to, value ourselves in terms of our worth and self-belief but how much attention do we place on valuing our values? Knowing our values, what is really important to us, and living by them is a vital component in our happiness. We’ve all heard people...

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The darker side of online dating

Online dating is now part of everyday life for millions of people. There are many success stories of people meeting new partners this way, 23% of people in UK meeting someone online that they didn’t know before (Dutton and Helsper, 2012) and 6% of married couples...

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Faith McMoyo - Counsellor and Psychological Therapist. OCS, Online Counselling Service reviews

Faith has and is really helping me through a tough time of realisation. She is patient and listens to me and I’m very grateful for her service.
Jeanette Sultan

BizzJoy Counselling

Joanne counselled me through the difficult, and misunderstood, issue of 'Living Grief' My Mum had for lived Dementia for a number of years and I had to consider Care Home options. Joanne was an outstanding listener, empathetic and able to…

Leeds Counsellor and Supervisor: Phil Mitchell

I've been working with Phil for over six months and I've found him to be an excellent counsellor. He's very patient-centred in his approach and I feel like he's made the effort to know and understand me and my life-circumstances.…
Peter Bower

Carol Barwick Hypnotherapy D.Hyp, IEMT, TFT, MAPHP (ACC), CNHC

Carol helped me manage three diverse situations. Her guidance to help me understand the dynamics of the issues was incredible and the resulting therapies were different and highly effective.I first sought help over the end of my marriage, which had…

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