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A Counselling in Sheffield – Liz Church UKCP

A Counselling in Sheffield – Liz Church UKCP

  • 28 Northcote Ave, Heeley, Sheffield S2 3AX, UK.

About A Counselling in Sheffield – Liz Church UKCP

Hello and welcome. I have had a successful psychotherapy and counselling practice for the last 14 years. I am an experienced counsellor in Sheffield working with people from a range of different backgrounds, adults and young people.

Psychotherapy and counselling can support you to gain insight into any problems you may be having. We can do this within a supportive therapeutic relationship. In such a relationship it is possible to look at particular issues that are difficult for you or to explore less tangible feelings such as dissatisfaction and unhappiness. This can help you find out more about yourself and what choices you may have, to help you gain resolution and move forward in your life.

There are many different reasons why people may wish to seek counselling or psychotherapy, however some of the more common ones are;
Relationship issues & family problems
Work related stress, bullying and career changes
Depression, feeling low or melancholy
Stress, anxiety and panic
Health problems, illness
Childhood traumas
Trauma, post traumatic stress
Bereavement, loss and grief
Losing your spark or motivation in life
Issues with sexuality, LGBT, Gay
retirement/early retirement issue, voluntary redundancy

I offer skilled support to people who wish to work on specific challenges/problems in their lives and to those who want to address more deep seated unhappiness.

Counselling/psychotherapy can help you to work through any concerns or problems.

The psychotherapy/counselling I offer is person centred, humanistic therapy based on awareness, mindfulness and ‘relational’, the relationship, we build together is central.

I believe that people have an natural tendency towards health and happiness and make the best attempts possible to meet their own needs, but things can get in the way.

Early in our life we may have learnt ways of being that were the best we could do at the time with the resources we had. Sometimes how we coped then does not serve us well now, and yet we can find ourselves responding in the same old ways that don’t feel helpful. Sometimes what we coped with cannot be processed and moved on from without the necessary support.

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