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Sarah Williams

Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 8AY
Phone: 07927 040486
Website Address: www.indigocounselling.co.uk
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I’m Sarah and I work in a person centred way, in simple terms this means that I listen with empathy, and I will always regard you and your experiences with compassion and understanding. My approach is real and genuine. In this environment, which is warm and supportive, I am committed to helping clients confront and challenge any blocks they may have in their emotional life. This may be around relationships; or confidence in the ability to achieve desired goals. Or maybe you are a parent who is supporting a child dealing with Asperger's syndrome or dyslexia. What ever challenges you are facing, counselling can help.

I am a specialist trauma counsellor, with over eight years experience of working with survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Since qualifying I have counselled adults with autism (sometimes referred to as Asperger’s syndrome). I have experience of working with PTSD and complex PTSD, anxiety (social), depression, low confidence and low self esteem.

If you are needing to talk to someone, maybe you feel lost, or perhaps you are finding it difficult to make sense of your thoughts and feelings? Please reach out and contact me, the first step can be the hardest but once you begin to invest in yourself, the world is your oyster.


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