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Helen Clarke MBACP

  • 18 The Layne, Bognor Regis PO22 6JL, UK.

About Helen Clarke MBACP

Why Counselling?
Some people have no one to talk to, but even people with supportive family and friends can find it difficult to talk to loved ones and can feel isolated. Many people find it easier to unburden themselves with a trained professional who will receive what is said, without judgement. Some people want to address physical symptoms such as palpitations, sleep issues, panic attack or signs associated with stress.

I specialise in loss
Loss can mean bereavement, losing a future you dreamed of, loss of freedom, anticipating death, loss of self or your own identity, losing self esteem or loss of a relationship. These issues are painful, both emotionally and often physically. Feelings can be difficult to cope with and you can learn to experience your feelings healthily. You can also learn to be proactive in the regulation of your body’s experience, helping you to overcome physiological symptoms, such as panic attacks, flashbacks, palpitations & sleeplessness.

Working together can heal
We will work in collaboration to achieve what you need in order to feel healthy and whole. Above all, this is your therapy & I will work alongside you in creating your path to a thriving life.

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