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Wendy Neil

  • 5 Broomfield Rd, Sheffield S10 2SE, UK.

About Wendy Neil

Hello, if you are looking for help with self-esteem, personal confidence or self-acceptance please read on.


Many of us suffer at times with feeling inferior, inadequate or being different to other people.  You may feel anxious, confused and uncomfortable, unsure of who you are, or what you want out of life.  Maybe you doubt your ability to handle day-to-day challenges, or spend too much time and energy worrying about what other people think of you.


Counselling can help you develop yourself, your confidence, your sense of who you are, and your ability to live a full and meaningful life.  I can help you explore and lay to rest whatever is holding you back, and identify what you want for yourself and how you move foward.


I have a range of strategies and practical steps to help you move on from your current situation, to get to know and love yourself better, to improve confidence and feel positive about yourself and your life journey.  I can help and support you in learning more about yourself, and in making choices for yourself, in an accepting and non-pushy way.  Please feel free to call or email me for further information.

I have 7 years' experience and am fully qualified and registered.


My fees are £35 for video/telephone sessions, or £45 for face-to-face.  I offer concessions at £10 less than the standard price.

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