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  • 11 Prior's Walk, Acomb, York YO26 5SW, UK.

About MindMakeover

With the help of MindMakeover you can makeover your mind

Are you suffering or distressed? You can take control of your life and change the way you think

I will help you develop new, positive ways of thinking and behaving, in alignment with what you want to achieve

You will learn how to change your relationship with food, tobacco or alcohol and stop damaging your health

I will help you develop positive ways of managing anxiety, worry or stress

I will help you lift that cloud of depression and relieve the burden of negative thinking

With my help you can take control. You can change your attitude. You can change your behaviour. You can achieve your goals. Remove the obstacles in your way and look forward to doing what you always wanted to do

So often you limit what you can do or achieve – why not undertake a makeover for your mind and help yourself to a healthier way of thinking and behaving? At MindMakeover I draw on a range of psychological techniques and psychotherapeutic approaches, individually tailored to suit you and what you want to achieve including hypnotherapy, EMDR, BWRT and coaching. I use Mindfulness and other positive psychology approaches in my work including concepts like neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to be flexible and rewire in response to experience . My mission is to change the way you think – restoring a sense of positive health and well-being

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