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Susan Holden

  • 4 Station Cottages, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 4LF.

About Susan Holden

Counselling offers you the opportunity to explore the anxiety, grief, shame, anger and other distressing feelings associated with difficult life experiences, depression, bereavement or relationship problems. Removed from the worry of overburdening or hurting other members if the family and friends, counselling offers you attentive listening. You will have the opportunity to feel heard from your own point of view and also possibly helped to see things more clearly from a different perspective. Relationship counselling can help support couples and families to work through problems large or small. Psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to address longer-term mental health problems and behavioral patterns. You will be accompanied on the journey of increasing your self-awareness and personal development.
EMDR is one of only two therapies recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, for working with post traumatic stress.
I mainly use hypnotherapy to help you reduce your weight or stop smoking.

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