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Trauma Counsellor – Clearview Counselling

  • Wormshill, Kent, United Kingdom.

About Trauma Counsellor – Clearview Counselling

I specialise in helping adults heal, recover and reclaim life after trauma; releasing them from feeling hostage to what happened and finding balance and contentment without having to rely on medication.

Whatever your experience and whether your trauma is reported or not, recent or historical, you've come to the right place!

• Have you been affected by domestic abuse, childhood abuse, bullying etc?

• Have you witnessed something distressing or are you the direct victim?

• Is your trauma the result of a single event or ongoing circumstances?

• Maybe you have been traumatised by something others deem insignificant but the impact on you is anything but

Flashbacks, nightmares, fear, isolation, depression, anxiety, anger, worthlessness, powerlessness etc are commonplace as are physical symptoms such as racing heart, trembling limbs, poor concentration, churning stomach. Not to mention hypervigilance, avoiding places/people and safety seeking rituals such as continually checking locks to ease our anxiety. Exhausting!

Imagine now a world in which you feel in control of your trauma responses rather than fearing them, a world in which you have learned to respond rather than react from a place of fear. Well, the good news is that world is within your reach. With my specific training and experience you can rest assured you are working with someone who has an in depth understanding of the issues and complexities that trauma brings.

I am proud to say I have successfully worked clients, just like you; educating, supporting, and empowering them as they travel the road to recovery and a brighter 'new normal'. I’d like to start helping you to reclaim your life now so go ahead, drop me a line and take the first step of your recovery today.

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