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Talking in the Shed – Helping Men to Talk

Hythe, Kent, ct215bs
Phone: 07546052846
Website Address: www.talkingintheshed.co.uk
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When I decided to move into therapy/counselling I wanted to be a little bit different. Mainly because I have seen with my own eyes and ears that counselling doesn't seem to work for everyone. and I was interested to explore why this was. What I found was that often people felt that they were being told what to do. I like to be a little bit different, after all we are all different and we all do things differently. 

This is why I was drawn towards ACT. ACT is a very flexible process and puts the emphasis on you finding your own path. Yes you will need guidance, and I see my job more as a guide or a trainer rather than someone telling you what to do. This is quite different from most other counselling services. As a counsellor it is my job to help you verbalise how you are feeling and help you to fine your way forward. 

Opening Times

Opening Times: As required

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: The first step is so often the hardest step. The old adage of "a problem shared is a problem halved" does hold some truth. I don't say that sharing solves all your problems, I wish it did. But therapy - counselling does help. Sharing your thoughts during counselling - therapy allows you to start sorting your situation out and coming to terms with them.

Your first step might be as simple as having one introduction session, a chat if you like. This counselling session can be in my Shed in Hythe, or we could meet for a coffee.

The Shed
Bartholomew St
CT21 5BS


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