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Online Therapy Services

  • 11 Station Approach, Dartford DA1 1DZ, UK.

About Online Therapy Services

I offer both online and face-to-face Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching at affordable prices.

Online therapy services are the updated version of ‘old school’ face-to-face therapy. It is a cheaper and a more convenient way of receiving personal help. There are thousands of satisfied online clients around the world. They are already using online counselling services. For them, it is as good as traditional methods once they have built the rapport with their therapist.

Technology is creating a revolution in how people receive psychological therapies. There is research and anecdotal evidence about online sessions. This indicates that for a large number of people it is as effective as being in the room with a practitioner. Using the telephone or video link is, for many people, a convenient way to get help.

Online therapy may not be the best option for some people. They need face-to-face or specialist treatment and professional support.

What is Online Counselling?

Online counselling, this is a personal opinion. But, it allows you to understand how I work.

Counselling is a quasi-structured conversation between two people. (Sometimes a couple may need counselling, but I no longer do couple work). To me, counselling cannot not have a fixed format. As each session is usually tailored to your needs during that session.

The concept being that it allows the you to develop new ways of thinking. As humans we are self-aware and have the ability to think about and generate emotions at will. This is a huge part of being human. But, this ability may also cause problems; as the way we think can affect our emotions and behaviours.

Online Counselling is a form of psychotherapy that does not involve giving advice. Nor telling you to take a particular route to reach your goal. It falls under the umbrella of ‘talking therapies’. So lets people speak about their situation in a confidential and safe environment. I as a counsellor will listen to you and respect you as a person.

From this we can grow a rapport and trusting relationship. The counselling relationship develops over the sessions. This increases the trust between us. I will remain neutral to the values and beliefs you hold and help you during your exploration of these.

During counselling online I will encourage you to talk openly about what is troubling you. This is to help you uncover any root causes and identify how this affects your thinking. Feelings and emotions that have been hidden for a long time can be revealed. These can be fear, anger, grief, resentment, anxiety or embarrassment. I will listen to them and help the you to accept the feelings in a more healthy manner.

This will allow you to consider new options for dealing with your difficulties.

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