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Karen Woodley Counselling and Supervsion

Blaenavon, Gwent, NP4 9XA
Phone: 07852873857
Website Address: www.karenwoodley.com
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Talking through your feelings and about your issues in safety and confidence helps to clarify where it is you are stuck in your life. Each person has the capacity to transform the suffering and find new ways of being. I can help if you need support in choosing a positive direction and would value the clarity that comes from sharing with a someone who can understand your needs and difficulties and help you to find a sense of stability  guiding you to finding your own answers.

I can help with emotional disturbances, anxiety, stress; overwhelm, low self esteem and lack of confidence. Problems in your relationship and mid life changes, life challenges; learning disabilities, trauma and depression.


Supervision is absolutely essential to sustaining best practice as it provides practitioners with ongoing opportunities to establish, root and stimulate reflective and informed practice in a way that is helpful and benefits both practitioners and service- users.

I offer a Person Centred and Integrative service where learning and development are a constant flow for both parties within a relationship of partnership, collaboration and Care. I am able to intertwine body sense and feelings into supervision and not be led by theory thus being able to  support the deepening of knowledge through experience.

I very much look forward to hearing from you




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Annalise white
Rating :

Karen woodley really changed my life I was suffering really bad with depression /anxiety I was at my lowest and the doctors wouldn’t take me seriously but Karen took me and gave me so much help and support and also got the doctors to take me seriously I then got dignoised with sever pms and complex ptsd now I’m doing well and got all the help I need and all that is down to Karen I highly recommend her she’s so nice and understanding and talking about the tough things was so much easier x

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