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Holborn Psychotherapy

Holborn Psychotherapy

  • 47-49 Mount Pleasant, Holborn, London WC1X 0AE, UK.

About Holborn Psychotherapy

Brent Magee
Member: British psychological society BPS. National council psychotherapists NCP. British association for counselling & psychotherapy BACP

Hello, and a warm welcome to my page. This could be the first step that will help you to address the aspects of your life that have been troubling you. I look forward to working with you in psychotherapy to overcome the challenges you are facing.

I am a supportive, caring and effective psychotherapist with nearly 10 years experience treating individuals and couples in private practice. I will help you to face and resolve past difficulties, grow and flourish in your present life, and set and pursue healthy and fulfilling goals for a rich and rewarding future. I work with compassion and humour and maintain an active approach as a psychotherapist.

Together we can develop a treatment plan to address goals and objectives in order to promote functioning in your daily life, career and relationships. We will work toward overcoming any problems you have. That is what I am here for. I specialise in treating people with various forms of psychological distress, including past traumas, anxiety and depression, relationships and self-image problems. We will develop strategies and skills to facilitate a sense of well being in your life

I work well with individual and couples..I value and deeply respect the unique attributes of all whom I treat, and work effectively with members of diverse cultural groups. Together we will examine and build on the knowledge, abilities, skills, courage, and creativity you already possess to strive toward your goals.

*As well as working with a broad spectrum of issues I also have a special interest in Anxiety and Stress*

Anxiety is a normal human response to stressful or uncertain situations such as a divorce, starting a new school or changing jobs. In certain situations it can be a productive response as it can prepare us for a difficult situation. But for many, anxiety can take over their normal day to day life and often feel controlled by their anxiety.

Anxiety can often be associated with other issues such as depression or panic attacks. Stress & anxiety can cause a range of other symptoms including panic attacks, generalised fear and feelings of not being able to cope, as well as inability to sleep, Dizziness, feeling light-headed falling sensation, feeling like you are falling or dropping even though you are not. Also the inability to relax, back pain, stiffness and tension, chronic fatigue and exhaustion.

47 Mount Pleasant
London WC1X 0AE

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