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Hanna Ehlers-Bond M.A. Acc MNCS MBACP Psychotherapist

  • San Remo Mansions, San Remo Parade, Westcliff-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, Westcliff-on-Sea SS0 7RE, UK.

About Hanna Ehlers-Bond M.A. Acc MNCS MBACP Psychotherapist

Helping you to transform, through your life’s challenges.

I’m a fully qualified Psychotherapist based in Westcliff on Sea – here to guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. Equally I am passionate about assisting you with creating a space for your emotional and mental development so that you may encounter more inner peace and outer calm.

I am a Registered, Accredited Member of The National Counselling Society, and I’m also a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

As an integrative therapist I’m able to pull in many techniques and skills to aid you, with where you currently find yourself. I truly care about your well-being and promise my patients top of the line counselling and psychotherapy services.

I work heavily with helping you heal and support your inner child. Equally I assist you with turning the inner critic into a more useful inner friend, so that you may create a more harmonious inner landscape.

Your well-being is my number one priority, and I know how daunting it can be to seek help, therefore you can easily visit me for an initial session to see how working with me may feel, under no pressure.

Who do I help?

I am able to assist people with many difficulties that they may bring. Anxiety and depression is a really common thing for many people visiting me. It’s a really tough place to be in, yet it is totally possible to move on from this place into a new horizon.

Working with people who are experiencing grief / loss for whatever reason, is also something I am familiar with. Equally I am accustomed to aiding individuals who are experiencing stress, major change, and feelings of being stuck, or purposeless. There are many stages to transformation, and I can meet you at whatever stage you are at.

If you feel drawn to my ways of working, then I look forward to hearing from you to make an initial consultation.

Your inner self awaits your journey back home.

My training:

M.A. Psychotherapy and Healing Practices accredited by Middlesex University

Certificate in Jungian Therapy accredited by Middlesex University

Five years experience of working in private practice, assisting adults with a multitude of emotional and mental health issues.

Placement Experience:

Working as a Child Play Therapist in school with A Place 2 Be in London Greenwich
Working as a Mental Health Therapist at Basildon Mind
Before embarking on a Psychotherapeutic Career and During:

I have ten years experience working in the education field, and through the public and charity sectors as an educator, trainer, and teacher.

Equally I have been delivering self-development and Healing Practices workshops, through groups and workshops/events, in my local area since 2008. This also combines my other training as an Energy Healing Practitioner, and Sound Therapist.

Fees are:

£50 for 60 minutes and £60 for 90 minutes

Reduced rates for counsellors in training and those in receipt of benefits.

An initial session of 90 minutes is reduced to £45

Online Therapy via telephone or Skype is also available at a reduced rate of £40 an hour.

What are my approaches:

Exploring your inner life.

Dreams can tell us things that we aren’t even fully aware of. By entering into some dream work together, we can begin to connect with your internal wisdom. Sometimes the issues and problems that are known to us on the surface, are only the tip of the iceberg. Dream analysis is a peaceful, and self-regulated approach to working through difficulties you may be facing.

A pocket of peace.

Guided visualisation allows me to lead you into a different place, where you can relax, slow your brain down, empty your thoughts, and get into a healthier feeling state. When we know how, we can easily move ourselves out of a stressed state, and into a more positive space. I may be using some of these techniques with you in our sessions. It can also really assist with anxiety and healing from trauma.

Giving a voice to all parts of you.

There are times in life, where our feelings have been suppressed, or not dealt with for so long, that they clog up, and this can cause a great burden. By using active imagination, which is a combination of dream work, visualisation, and archetype/parts healing, I can guide you toward releasing all of those stones you have been holding onto. Through use of symbol and metaphor, in a deeply relaxed state, you can talk freely and connect with all your inner selves, including the inner child, inner teenager and any unheard parts that want a voice.

A happier, healthier you.

Developing more space inside can help you feel centred, calm and less reactive to your daily stresses. Mindfulness is the simple act of observing the mind, and its constant trickle of thoughts. This permits us to occupy a deeper awareness, and leaves us less likely to identify with all of our thoughts. By helping you to develop a mindful practice, you will regain freedom and more confidence over your life.

Re-framing unhelpful patterns / Releasing the Inner Critic

Creating awareness about your thinking processes can really help you to get control over how you feel. By exploring, and challenging various negative, and limited thinking patterns, and core beliefs, we can develop more room for positive change. This is the domain of the inner critic, which is an outdated protection system we all hold until challenged. CBT and TA can assist us in developing new ideas about yourself and your world and help you gain control over reactive thinking. Shining a light on your inner processes, allows us to foster new ways of speaking to yourself, and therefore shifting your emotions.


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