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  • 166 Bournemouth Road, Poole, Dorset BH14 9HA.

About Counselling

Counselling very much depends on what you bring and what you make of it. There comes a point in life when problems pile high. You become unhappy and stuck, anxious and fearful. It can make a difference when there is space to breathe new life into old problems.

Relationship issues: I take a relational perspective, a close look at what goes on repeatedly with how you relate to people and situations, past and present. You can talk about things that you wouldn’t be able to talk about to family or friends, to try and understand yourself better and see how you can improve matters. I will do my best to help you cope and manage your difficulties.

How I work is unpretentious, grounded in theory and clear.

Abuse: a great deal of my time is spent working alongside adults who endured childhood trauma, particularly physical and sexual violations. I work on historic and current cases to gently help people make sense of the senseless and give them courage to heal. If you’ve experienced abuse, bullying or neglect, don’t be afraid I will help you.

You as a person: I work skilfully to listen to what you want to say. You may be concerned with self-doubt and self-criticism, persistent negative thoughts, loneliness, shyness, intimacy problems, rape, harassment and bullying at work, racism, regrets, hopelessness, bereavement, post-trauma distress, panic attacks, sleep problems, depression, anxiety or exhaustion. On the other hand, it may be none of these, but you feel you need to talk because something is dragging you down.

Overall, I work with the individual in front of me rather than generalised symptoms.

I base my work on compassion, respect and sensitivity.

For further enquiries, phone: 07708 064597, or e-mail: careymo.wellbeing@gmail.com

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