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Rebecca Haisma Clinical Hypnotherapy and CBT

Bristol, BS8 4HG
Phone: 01225 316670
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Rebecca Haisma HPD CBT (hyp) MNRPC GHR Reg. is a registered clinical hypnotherapist and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) practitioner, who provides treatment at her clinics in central Bath and Bristol, and on site in certain circumstances. She specialises in integrating the delivery of clinical hypnotherapy and CBT when working with clients suffering from complex conditions. She also works with people in business, sportspeople and performers in a range of fields.

Rebecca Haisma takes a generally solution focussed approach to therapy, which means that her focus is on making positive changes to thoughts and behaviours in the present, not spending many months exploring past events . Therapy is targetted and is not intended to be long term. The full participation of the client is an essential part of the process and may involve undertaking structured exercises between sessions.

Initial consultations are always free and give clients the opportunity to gather whatever infomation they need to decide if this form of therapy is right for them.

Rebecca Haisma has fifteen years experience of working with clients in crisis. She is able to work with individuals (including children), couples, families and groups with the focus on achieving a positive outcome for all concerned. She is a member of the National Register of Psychotherapists and Counsellors and is bound by a strict code of ethics.


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