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My Breakthrough Therapy

My Breakthrough Therapy

  • 18 Litchfield Road, Sutton, Berkshire SM1 4BQ.

About My Breakthrough Therapy

My name is Desa Griffiths and I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor that uses an integrative approach to therapy. This means I use the different theories and approaches I’ve learned through study, personal development, hands on experience, and just as importantly my knowledge of you. Using our initial conversation we’ll personalise a plan together that will allow you to achieve your goals.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way the mind works which has fueled my interest and quest to have a greater understanding of why we do some of the things we do and how we can change and conquer our fears. I’ve dealt with low self-esteem as a teenager, anxiety and different fears/phobias so I know how it feels to be held back, but I also know how good it feels to be set free. I know it’s possible to move past problems and lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

I’ve recently trained in a new technique that has been able to provide quick and extremely effective results particularly in regards to phobias, traumatic experiences, anxiety and anger issues. I’m very excited and motivated by the results as I’ve seen positive change in a very short time period (sometimes in just one session).

I want you to get the most out of our sessions and help you achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time possible. At the same time I would never suggested less time than I felt appropriate to help you move forwards from what you are dealing with.

You’ve already made the first big step towards change by realising you have a problem and seeking to change it.

If you are ready to stop letting issues from the past impact your present and future and TO START CHANGING YOUR LIFE TODAY please call me for a free telephone conversation on 07754 146249.

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