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Julie Sandler MBACP (Accred)

Julie Sandler MBACP (Accred)

  • 4A Hitchin Road, Upper Caldecote, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 9BT.

About Julie Sandler MBACP (Accred)


Are you having difficulties with certain or all aspects of your life or relationships? Having professional counselling can be a positive step towards making lasting changes happen. I understand that it can take courage to make that initial step, so I would like to reassure you that whatever your issue(s), you can be certain of my patience, my empathy and a non judgmental response.

It could be that you are experiencing confusing or unhelpful thoughts and feelings which are making you feel lost, unhappy, angry, desperate, stressed, anxious, tearful, depressed/low mood or perhaps something just doesn’t feel right and you can’t identify what it is. Counselling can help you to explore your thoughts/feelings in a safe and confidential environment that is free from distraction.

Counselling can also be used as method of self development. You can gain a great amount of self awareness and new insight into yourself through the counselling process. Some people find this can be helpful as it can lead to living the life you really want and improving relationships at home and at work.

Having suffered debilitating and painful feelings myself where I felt stuck in a black tunnel and couldn’t get out, I can meet you with authenticity, genuineness and empathy. There is no judgement, instead you will have a space to explore what you are experiencing and I will do my best in understanding and supporting you by actively listening and being with you whilst trying to make sense of the nonsensical.

If you are suffering in silence or talking to friends/family and it’s making no difference then counselling could be for you. I really do encourage you to seek the help you need and not endure life in a place you are not enjoying – you have already made a great start by browsing counselling pages and now perhaps you are ready to take the next step of making contact.

I offer individual and couples counselling.

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