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Physis Health and Wellbeing

Physis Health and Wellbeing

  • 463 Otley Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS16 6AJ.

About Physis Health and Wellbeing

The Physis centre provides a calm, nurturing and professional environment which ensures you are supported appropriately through your chosen therapy process.

Many of us will experience times of difficulty in our lives. Having someone independent to talk who can help you make sense of a situation can be very helpful and supportive at these times.
Counselling and psychotherapy both offer you the opportunity to talk to someone confidentially, encouraging you to explore the different aspects of your difficulties in order to formulate new and resourceful ways of instigating change and resolution in your life.

We provide:
A confidential setting for exploring difficult issues
A skilled professional offering insight and explanation when needed.
An opportunity for you to make changes in yourself and in your life.
A space to heal in body, mind and spirit.
A time to reflect and grow toward your life goals.
A chance to see clearly how you have ended up where you are and to find the way out.
A way of developing healthy relationships.
A place to stand back from your problems and understand them in a more helpful way.

All practitioners working at Physis are appropriately qualified, insured, registered and supervised according to professional training, and have undergone a thorough interview process in order to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

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