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Claire Lumb – Clear Thoughts Counselling

Leeds, West Yorkshire, ls1 4lt
Phone: 07435035351
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Counselling provides a safe supportive space for you to be yourself without judgment, I will provide a comfortable, safe, confidential space where you will be supported through your difficult and positive times away from any outside distractions.

The ultimate aim of counselling is to provide the opportunity for you to work towards living a more satisfying and fulfilled life. Counselling helps us overcome difficult situations that may be past or present within us. I will offer you the opportunity to explore thoughts, feelings, fears and dreams in a safe confidential non- judgemental way.

People approach counselling for many reasons for example, you may have lost a loved one, be having relationship / marriage problems, have feelings of stress, anxiety or self doubt, you may be seeking counselling because you feel lost or stuck in life. Have feelings of sadness, it may be addiction, self harm or any form of abuse. Whatever your reason is I am an empathetic counsellor that will work with you through the difficult and the positive times ahead.

Many experiences in life can leave us feeling confused, angry or hurt. My aim is to see things from your prospective and help encourage you to move forward where you feel you can see things with more clarity encourage you to feel more in control, more motivated and fulfilled.

My Experience : I am currently working in Private Practice with a wide range of clients from individuals, students and couples, working face to face, skype, email and telephone counselling. Clients enter counselling with a wide range of presenting issues, Prior to this I have worked as a counsellor / psychotherapist for a Mental Health Charity working with mental health issues and families . A Cancer Well-Being Centre for patients and their families coming to terms with the illness and bereavement, an Addiction Unit for personality disorders, OCD, phobias and addictions. I have also worked within a Primary School with children in care, bullying and family problems. While working for very different organisation I have worked with many cultures, ages and both male and female clients.

Here are some of the areas I have worked with:

Stress / Anxiety / Depression
Separation / Divorce
Family Problems / Relationship Issues
Couple Counselling
Bereavement / Loss / Termination
Work Related Stress
Illness / Cancer
Worry / Unwelcome Thoughts
Paranoia / Insecurities
Low Self Worth / Lack of Confidence
Mental, Physical & Sexual Abuse
Child Experiences / Past Experiences
Addiction / Self Harm
Change / Fears

I am here to work with you regarding your situations you feel you need help with, I understand how difficult it can be choosing the right counsellor to work with, whatever your reasons for seeking Counselling, I will work with you confidentially in a non judgemental way encouraging you to move forward in life.

I Believe that Counselling takes time honesty and commitment from both you the client and myself, if you feel counselling is something you would like to try or have any questions please contact me on the above details.

Our first session will last between 30-40 minutes, this is called an initial assessment, this is to see if counselling is suitable, if we feel that counselling is suitable, we would discuss a contract and arrange our future sessions.

Our normal sessions will last 50 minutes per session per week..


I offer.....


All calls within the UK I would make, this is to keep costs to a minimum for you the client.

Please see www.clearthoughts.org.uk or contact me on 07435035351 for more information regarding session times that online and telephone counselling can be carried out.

Opening Times

Opening Times: please contact me for details of appointments

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Leeds City Centre or Online Counselling.


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