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Christopher Stanfield Counsellor

Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS18 5NH
Phone: 07964169503
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I'm experienced in working with people of many different backgrounds, experiences, and difficulties. Whether you're battling anxiety and depression, or you've been affected by a past trauma, I am equipped to offer you a safe space where we can explore things further. I understand how difficult life can be and how lonely it can feel when there's no-one to turn to. I believe with the right support we are all capable of navigating our way through difficult times.
The sessions can provide you with a space in which you can explore your issues and concerns and promote your autonomy and your right to be you. Together we will build an environment in which you feel empowered, heard and where you will not be judged. I also have extensive experience working with trauma, sexual abuse and dissociation.
You've already set foot on the road by getting this far. If you feel ready to take the next step, I'm ready to listen. I have a practice in both LS18 and LS1 and you are free to contact me by phone or email and we can discuss going forward.


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