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Melanie Elliott – Online Counselling

Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29 8EG
Website Address: https://www.mel-elliott.com/
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Finding the resilience to cope in life can be difficult. At times, the challenges we face can feel out of our control or overwhelming, this can leave us feeling lost, stuck or resentful.

Perhaps you have experienced loss, relationship difficulties or health issues. You may be living with stress, low-self-esteem, anxiety or depression, you may struggle with feelings of shame or fear, or perhaps you are simply seeking a better work/life balance.

By exploring life issues, thoughts and feelings in a calm, confidential and supportive setting, I can help you gain insight and develop understanding. I have worked with a wide range of people to help them better understand themselves, their relationships and their situation, learn about their feelings, choices and behaviours and, where appropriate, make changes to their lives. I work in an open, empathic and non-judgmental way to build a trusting therapeutic relationship from which a process of growth can occur.

Through a collaborative and explorative therapeutic process, you can open yourself up to a new level of understanding, find acceptance and/or the resolve to make changes, ultimately reconnecting with or discovering the person you truly are.

Please email me to find out more or book an initial consultation.


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