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Ruth Netherwood Integrative Counselling MBACP Reg.

Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD16
Phone: 07542892619
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About Our Work Together.

Whether you are a couple or an individual, I provide confidential support in a warm and safe environment. People come to me with trauma, bereavement, relationship difficulties, anxiety and stress. Whatever is troubling you, please get in touch.


Every person and experience in your life has an impact on you and you will have responded and reacted with coping strategies, which may no longer work for you.  Distressing feelings and sensations may change, may linger or may lay hidden away. Our work together will unravel and witness which is which and ground, gather and stabilise in order to clear the way for change.

We will identify patterns and themes in your experiences ,recognize triggers and how you respond and react to them. We can explore their meaning to you and empower you to become aware of, reflect upon, deal with them and plan ahead.

I work professionally and creatively with whatever it is you need to focus on and you will have the space to just talk about what is on your mind or in your body or just be silent for a while.

My approach is integrative, using various ways to suit you, including relaxation, body awareness, healthy coping strategies and relationship development.


What differs is the focus on the relationship between the two of you and how to take that relationship forwards, in equality and with a joint purpose. No bias or siding with one or the other exists. Both of you, as individuals, have a right to be heard and as a couple, a right to find stability without oppression, blame, fault or hurt.

We are all in relationships from birth, within systems of friends, family and birth family dynamics. We learn as we grow, based on those initial encounters. A new way of being in the current relationship, free of past instructions, can exist by co-creating what it is you both need from each other.


Confidence building is at the core of my work with young people. Empowering healthy control and communication, concentration and social interaction, for a happier experience whether at school, home or with peer groups.

About me. I am Bereavement Counsellor at Sue Ryder Hospice, Relate couples counsellor  and provider of EAP counselling. I also run national CPD training courses on creativity in counselling for organisations. Visit www.creativecpds.co.uk or email me at creative.cpds@gmail.com


'My ability to handle emotional stress has changed for the better. This has improved my own feelings and the feelings of others around me. Ruth seems to be able to turn around a problem and let me see it with a different angle and insight which opened my eyes to how and why I felt the way I did.'

'I blamed my husband all these years. I now see why and how we can build a better future together, in our own family, on our own terms'.

'For me a key part to enable me to address the negative and self destructive thought patterns, has been to just be in a safe relationship with another person, to understand the reasons and to really demonstrate to myself that I love and accept myself and that just being me is great – I don’t need to continually work to improve myself'.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Heptonstall: Tuesday and Friday
Bingley: Wednesday and Thursday

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Heptonstall is close to Hebden Bridge and Halifax.
Bingley is between Bradford and Skipton.


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