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Duncan Long Therapy

  • 15 The Quashetts, Worthing BN14 8BE, UK.

About Duncan Long Therapy

Hello! A very warm welcome to you.

As we face these changing and uncertain times on our planet, you may be coming up against challenges that are exacerbating existing internal struggles. It feels more important than ever to find some sense of certainty and purpose in these difficult times. The very idea of having to self-isolate can bring on fear and anxiety; uncertainty around our livelihoods can trigger old and new coping strategies that may feel damaging to one’s self.

Life is all about relationship in one form or another, how we relate to everything and everybody around us and of course, our relationship with ourselves. You may be struggling in relationships at home, with friends, lovers, work colleagues or maybe your relationship with drugs, alcohol or sex is becoming too conflicted and feels out of control. These are just a few examples of some areas that us humans can come up against in our lives.

The therapeutic relationship is paramount to effective therapy, so it is important that you take some time and consideration to find a therapist that feels right for you. It’s hard to know where to start sometimes, I know.

My passion to become a therapist developed during my time in therapy, in which I wanted to understand self-destructive behaviours that were impacting on my life. I have been in practice for 8 years, professionally supervised and insured based in Central London. I hold a space that is safe, non-judgemental, empathetic and compassionate. Our work together is collaborative with the goal of helping you move forward towards positive change in your life, to gain a clearer sense of self and to have a handle on your mental health.

I have both a wide lived and professional experience, working with addiction, anxiety, childhood abuse, stress, burnout, loneliness, relationship issues and depression. I also work with other gay men with issues around sex and sexuality.

Therapy is not a “quick fix” or a sticking plaster over a wound, but a space in which we can explore your patterns around self-destructive behaviours. Therapy helps us to develop self-compassion, to quieten our critical mind and to experience a calmer and more peaceful life. It is about learning to accept our very nature of being human. It will be challenging at times, which is where growth lives; you will also have many moments of feeling a deep sense of relief and empowerment. Ultimately, the results show in the positive impacts on your home life, work life and relationships as you begin to take back control moving towards greater contentment.

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