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Sheila Pope Counsellor

  • St Wilfrid's Rd, Burgess Hill RH15 8BD, UK.

About Sheila Pope Counsellor

Counselling can help if you are struggling with your relationships (inside/outside family), anxieties, depression, low self-esteem, sense of self or just at a cross-roads in your life and you would like the opportunity to take stock as you consider making changes.

I am passionate about understanding how the jigsaw puzzle pieces of relationships fit together; what happens when we have contact, how does my behaviour impact on you, what effect do you have on me? I want to understand why our puzzle pieces have their particular shape, how we fit together and what benefits that fit gives us. Counselling is a place to explore these and many other questions; it gives you the chance to find out about yourself, the choices you’ve made, your relationships with others and with yourself. Once you’ve discovered more about who you are and how you fit in the picture, you can decide whether you want to redesign your piece of the puzzle.

I provide a confidential setting in which you may explore your relationships with others and with yourself. I do not offer advice or provide answers to your problems, but rather accompany you on your journey and assist you to find your own solutions. I use a creative approach to my work and it may be possible to work outside.  I am fully qualified and insured and am the Chair of the Sussex Counselling and Psychotherapy group; I'm a member of the UK Assoc for Transactional Analysis and I’m a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, which means that I adhere to good practice guidelines in accordance with their ethical policies. I maintain a continuing professional development programme and have regular supervision. Sessions are 50mins long; an initial assessment is £25, further sessions are £49.

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