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Demi Shakespeare Therapy

Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY51...
Phone: 07709962003
Website Address: www.dstherapy.co.uk
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Hello, I'm Demi a warm welcome to Demi Shakespeare Therapy

​The decision to seek counselling can feel scary and unsettling, particularly when you feel you should be able to cope with what's bothering you on your own. I have been in a similar position having had my own therapy

I become a therapist because my own journey through therapy showed me how positive and powerful it can be, the influence it can have on relationships with ourselves and others, as well as our sense of happiness in life.

I hope to reassure you that taking the step to seek help through counselling will be the beginning of your journey in creating change towards a positive future.  I have empathy and experience of how struggles can affect our life

Do you ever feel uneasy, anxious, worried or that something is going to go wrong but find yourself not knowing where these feelings have come from?

Do you find yourself falling into unhelpful patterns whether that be working too much or not being able to say no?

Maybe you are constantly comparing yourself to others, the way you think about and treat yourself that has brought you here.

Are you feeling insecure, have you lost confidence in your own abilities or find yourself being drawn to unhealthy relationships?

You don't have to do this alone I'm here to help you

I help people who want to feel better about these lives by supporting them in being better able to make sense of their experiences. I do this by creating a safe, confidential environment allowing people to share whatever it is that is bothering them.

It is easy to become stuck in unhelpful habits and patterns in the way we think feel and behave. I help you to understand more about the reasons behind this and where difficult feelings or limiting beliefs come from. This developed awareness allows people to reconnect with the resources within them. When feeling overwhelmed it is easy to lose sight of how resourceful they are. I believe this enables people to make changes to the choices they are making

As a therapist, I invest my time in helping people to cope and manage life's challenges more effectively, by this I mean supporting you in developing your own ‘toolkit’ so that you can choose the best tool to help you. The aim being at the end of your journey in therapy you will no longer need me to accompany you, feeling more confident, taking your toolkit with you.

Supporting you in developing your own ‘toolkit’ so that you can choose the best tool to help you.

How I work

I know the decision to seek therapy can feel scary and unsettling; particularly when you feel you should be able to cope with what's bothering you without outside help. I have been in a similar position having had my own therapy.

I, therefore, feel it is my job to put you at ease, by being warm, open and honest.  I not only have empathy but experience of how struggles can influence every aspect of life. Our ability to sleep, appetite, our moods and our response to those around us

The basis of my work is establishing a trusting relationship in an environment that you feel safe, free from any judgement allowing you to explore difficulties, your thoughts and feelings. I know how important this was to me when I was the client

I work integratively put simply I blend different elements of specific approaches, This means that our work together can be tailored to meet your needs, these are often individual and unique to you and your situation. I work following your direction and helping you to feel comfortable. I work short term and on an open-ended basis, but overall it is you who is in charge.

Opening Times

Opening Times: I offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: I offer face to face appointments in Brierley Hill

I also work online and on the telephone


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