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U 2 Me Counselling

U 2 Me Counselling

  • 8 Stanley Rd, Ashford TW15 2LW, UK.

About U 2 Me Counselling

I am a fully qualified Counselling Professional with years of experience in helping people. My mission is to help you find your hidden potential and give you all the necessary tools to develop and grow.

Trusted Counselling Professional

A very warm welcome. My name is Jean Williams.
Having been through many difficult trials, I had sought out professional counselling. Before my first visit, I had a range of emotions and thoughts about attending. I thought, ‘What if my problem isn’t important enough for counselling, will I look stupid?’, ‘Maybe I should deal with my problem myself!’. ‘I may not get on with the counsellor, what then?’

I decided to put these varying thoughts behind me and give it a try.

I learned that there was no problem too small or overwhelming and that I can work through it with my counsellor. The care and support I received will stay with me forever. I hope that I can do the same for others.

I consider seeking support and engaging in counselling as a courageous step; providing you with the opportunity to either resolve or manage your situation more effectively.
So please be encouraged to take the next step to find support. It can end up being the best decision that you have made.

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