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Sandra Cooper Counselling & Mentoring

  • 10 Station Rd, Sudbury CO10 2SS, UK.

About Sandra Cooper Counselling & Mentoring

If you are feeling troubled and confused, alone with your restrictive fear based thoughts, I can offer you a safe and confidential space to come and share your concerns. A place where you can learn to relax : Be yourself without fear of criticism or judgement. Where you could speak your truth, express your deepest longings without feeling you are a nuisance or pathetic.

I have worked as a registered counsellor for over twenty years. I am also a mentor overseeing creative projects, and I am a qualified trainer. I have studied numerous healing modalities and have facilitated a series of personal development workshops.

No stranger to life’s ups and downs, I am a real person who engages wholeheartedly in a two way communication. I work with a cross section of clients who present with a wide range of life issues. While there are common themes, I respect individuality and experience tells me that one size doesn’t fit all.

Regardless of the presenting issue therapy is an opportunity to pause and take stock. Useful questions might include: How did you get here? ( current reality) Who do you believe you are because of your perceived problem? And where do you want to go? It is important to make sure you are headed in the right direction – YOUR DIRECTION. All roads lead back to you. I am here to remind you of who you are at your core. Not a problem to be solved but a wonderful life to be expressed.

I specialise in transitions. I can help you unravel the self sabotaging, disempowering themes that usually operate below conscious awareness, and support you towards a more authentic, balanced, happy future. How you get there will largely depend on what you are prepared to leave behind.

My experience personally and professionally has led me to realise that knowing is not enough. You need to apply new knowledge and understanding. Adopt new habits formed by more purposeful and empowering beliefs.

Trusting the unknown can be a huge challenge and I don’t underestimate the courage it takes to begin this process, to leave behind old fears and conditioning. To live in the known is to live in the past. The unknown is a place full of brand NEW possibilities and life enhancing opportunities. When circumstances are at their worst we can find our best

My style is engaging, lively and often humorous. I will offer insights and if appropriate cite personal experiences. I can suggest a range of practical tools if considered beneficial to specific needs.

Before committing and to ensure compatibility I suggest a 30 minute session at a reduced rate. An opportunity to meet and get a sense of who I am and what I can offer.

For further training details etc visit my website intimere.co.uk


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