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Balfron, Stirling and Falkirk
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There are a number of different models of counselling and psychotherapy and I use an integrated approach which draws on ideas and techniques from a number of models, primarily person-centred counselling, Gestalt therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. This means that I can tailor my approach to what best meets the needs of each individual client.

However, central to my work, as a counsellor is a belief in the importance of listening without judging, and helping you, as the client, to understand and be able to acknowledge the source of what is troubling you so that you are in a better position to deal with it. Sometimes talking through difficult life circumstances, facing painful feelings or seeing a situation in a different light is enough to bring relief. However, you may have a specific change you would like to make in your behaviour or thinking patterns - in this case the work will become more focused and I may use therapeutic techniques to help you become more aware of any hidden thoughts and feelings which are driving unhelpful behaviours or ways of seeing the world.


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