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Joanna Mead Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • 103 Nelson Ward Dr, Radstock BA3 3FS, UK.

About Joanna Mead Counselling and Psychotherapy

My name is Joanna and I am a fully qualified counsellor, and also currently undertaking a Masters degree in counselling and Psychotherapy. I work part time for an agency that specialises in supporting women affected by rape and sexual abuse, but also work in private practice in Radstock and MSN. I work from a small counselling room in the centre of MSN, but also occasionally from my home.

My style of counselling depends on the presenting issue. For shorter term work CBT  is ideal for issues related to anxiety such as phobias, social anxiety and so on. Trauma Focused CBT is ideal for one off traumas and it has been shown to be effective in research trials. I   undertook Cognitive Behaviour therapy for PTSD in 2014 and am able to use this on request. CBT would be between  6 and 20 sessions normally again depending on the issue. CBT requires the client to do some of the practice work at home and looks at our thought patterns and how they influence our emotions and behaviour.

For longer term work, I am influenced by humanistic, psychodynamic and relational ways of working. I work in a way that builds a relationship of trust and warmth, so that you can explore your issues in a safe and confidential setting.  I believe that we are strongly influenced by our past relationships, particularly during the first few years of life, those experiences can affect our functioning in the present.

The services I provide are fully confidential, I have regular meetings with my clinical supervisor, but stick to first names only. The only exception would be if there is a risk of immediate and serious harm to someone.



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