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Frances Hamilton

Bath, Somerset, BA1 1RH
Phone: 07772584726
Website Address: www.psychotherapybath.net
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Psychotherapy differs from counselling in that it is open ended with no end date predetermined and therefore of longer duration.  This approach allows the time and space needed to explore and understand in greater depth the underlying motivations behind repeated patterns of behavior and the strength of the emotional pull which can seem to take on a life of its own.  Recurring behavior and overwhelming emotions can seriously affect our capacity to live in harmony with ourselves and consequently others.  In our modern world of 'speed is everything' and 'quick fixes' the value of taking time can often be lost.  Allowing yourself to delve deeper, alongside someone who can support and empower you, will give you the key to discover who you truly are and who you were born to be.

The deeper process of exploration into your earliest experiences gives understanding and meaning to how these have influenced and helped to shape who you are today; and to consider how difficult manifesting through symptoms of dysfunction and breakdown in the present may have their origins in the past.  An important part of the process is to hear what is being expressed through the symptom, to give it a voice and to see what purpose it has for you.  In this way you can find the strength to release yourself from the shackles that bind you and keep you imprisoned in the past.

As James Hollis says:                                               "The world is more magical, less predictable,

more autonomous, less controllable, more varied, less simple,

more infinite, less knowable,

more wonderfully troubling that we could

have imagined being able to tolerate when we were young."

For more information about me and my practice, please visit www.psychotherapybath.net

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday to Friday; up to 5pm.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Central Bath; please see google maps and the website for The Practice Rooms. Detailed information about my consulting room will be given on booking the initial session.


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