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Nick Ratcliff Counselling and Psychotherapy

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG7 3DU
Phone: 07765891883
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Choosing to start counselling can be a challenge. Dealing with the "difficult stuff" is something we are all capable of avoiding. It needs to feel safe enough to talk about what can feel the most vulnerable, and at times hardest to put into words. This is my role, to create the atmosphere where there is trust in; lack of being judged, found too much, or not enough, being heard and seen, and valued.

How you see, feel and experience yourself is the expert opinion and that matters. Matters to me, and matters in how you relate to yourself. It can be all too often that events from the past, distant or recent, impact your life right now. The result might be anxiety, depression, anger, a sense of shame or hurt. These feelings matter and are part of making the choices that shape our lives.

Counselling is about just that, understanding and perhaps regaining power in relation to choices, or power in our responses to choices that were made for us. So working at your pace, I aim to offer guidance and support so fresh ways of seeing yourself, options and choices become available.

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Opening Times: Contact me to arrange an initial meeting

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Location/Directions Info: Radford, Nottingham


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