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Hope In The Dawn Counselling Services

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, DN22 6nG
Phone: 07932403639
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Welcome to Hope in the Dawn Counselling Services
Here at Hope in the Dawn we offer counselling services that help with a range of issues, here are just a few:

Domestic Violence – Sexual Abuse – Historical Incest Abuse -Rape – Trauma – Emotional Abuse – Sexuality
Anxiety – Depression – Lack of confidence – Low self-esteem – PTSD – Self Harm – Suicidal Thoughts
Marital Problems – Relationship Problems – Divorce/Separation – Affairs & Betrayal
Drug & Alcohol abuse
Bereavement – Loss
Work related stress – Stress – Career Counselling
Anger management
Anorexia Nervosa – Bulimia Nervosa – Binge Eating Disorder

Counselling is a therapeutic relationship between a qualified counsellor and the client. It is both professional and intentional. People seek counselling when they want to change something about their life, or have a particular problem which requires professional help. The client and counsellor work together to enable the client to explore feelings and behaviour which is affecting their lives and that of others.

Face-to-Face, Skype or telephone counselling available.


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