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New Thinking Therapy

Stanwick, Northamptonshire
Phone: 07517 138216
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Hello. My name is Derek.

Sometimes we have times in our life where we face situations that overwhelm us, or that we feel we cannot cope with on our own. You may be confused about your feelings, and you don't understand what they mean or understand why you feel this way.

You may be struggling with the pressures of your work, relationships or family life but you don't have anyone to talk to about how you feel.

This is where counselling can help. We can work together to help you find a way of understanding what is happening in your life, of understanding how you feel, and how you can move forward.

I am a fully qualified therapeutic counsellor in Stanwick in Northamptonshire. I am trained as an integrative counsellor. What this means is that I believe that there is no single approach that can treat each person in all situations, and each person needs to be considered as a whole. As such I bring together elements from several therapies and tailor them to each person's individual needs and personal circumstances.

If you would like to know more about me and what happens in counselling sessions with me, you can find out more details on my website.


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