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RGN, Psychodynamic Counsellor Registered MBACP

Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN15 6SA
Phone: (01536) 726787
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I come from a background of nursing, qualifying as a first level registered general nurse in 1987. I loved my work as a nurse, always creating an opportunity to make time for talking with my patients.

Over the years I came to recognise that time and again, physically ill patients fortunate enough to receive consistent emotional care and support, often made a different kind of recovery. This stimulated my curiosity about how the mind and body sought to work together. To this very day, I am humbled by those who invited me to stay with them during intimate moments of distress, and perhaps even crisis. To learn how to stay present with another person during heightened physical and emotional needs, helped me understand how to respond in a way that was professional, yet real and very much in keeping with my true Self.

I now work as a qualified, experienced psychodynamic counsellor, integrating some delightful Jungian concepts to my style of therapy. It's a very effective sort of talking therapy that GP's heartily recommend. I draw from my own professional experiences, and from extensive psychoanalytical studies of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Melanie Klein, John Bowlby etc., and sometimes I will invite you to reflect upon your own past life experiences. It is important to the success of your own progress that you feel able to consider some of the painful aspects of your own life. Whilst I will guided by you, working sensitively and in a timely manner alongside you, I’ll also be striving for the process to be beneficial for you.

Offering fresh perspectives and actively engaging with you, I hope to facilitate your own understanding of why you might think, feel and do those things you do. It is your understanding that creates opportunities for change, and for an acceptance of what cannot be changed. Clients often tell me they like the way I work, and that through their work with me they've managed to get unpleasant thoughts and feelings frequently associated with anxiety and depression, back under control. Others will embark upon a journey of self discovery and often describe finding feelings of contentment, purpose, direction and happiness in life once again.

There is no need to struggle alone. I aim to facilitate all sessions to a high standard, so that you can get the best from my professional expertise and from your therapeutic experience. Broadly speaking, the sooner you ask for help the sooner you can start working towards a happier, healthier lifestyle. Let's talk!

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I work in accordance with the BACP ethical guidelines and ask that once we've met and decided we can work together, you are able to commit to a minimum of 12 weekly sessions. Sessions last for 60 minutes and cost £40, payable on the day of each meeting. By appointment only, please.


1st Level Registered General Nurse.
Charles Frears School of Nursing, Leicester (1984-1987)
Cert. Psychodynamic Counselling.
University of Leicester (2006-2008)
Ad. Dip Psychodynamic Counselling. BACP Accredited Training.
University of Cambridge (2008-2011)
Registered MBACP (2011-2016)

Opening Times

Opening Times: Weekday & Evening Appointments.

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Location/Directions Info: Junction 10 off the A14.


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