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The Quiet Space

Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO11 2PW
Phone: 07900 175355
Website Address: https://thequietspace.org/
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Welcome to The Quiet Space... I specialise in psychotherapy and counselling, helping you with all the mind related stuff that not only effects your internal world but, as we know all too well, your external one also. My clients tell me I am a little different from other counsellors/ psychotherapists... unique in the way I deliver therapy.

I work from a therapy room based at Woodend creative space on The Crescent in Scarborough, next to greenery and the sea. I offer a low-cost therapy service in order for therapy to be accessible to as many as possible who would benefit... yet you are guaranteed to be seeing an exceptionally well-qualified therapist, one that has also been through the therapy and change process themselves so you can be assured that I ‘get’ some of what you are experiencing in therapy. Sessions last between 60-80 minutes and cost just £40

Whether you need help with depression, anxiety, relationship loss, trauma effects or the many other difficulties we as complex humans experience, I will listen in the way you need, show you the neuroscience of what’s happening with you, how you can physically reshape your brain to live the life you want and provide you with self-care tools to move you towards that life.

The first appointment is at the reduced cost of £30 as it’s a little more casual than the main sessions and it enables you to get to know me a little, to decide if you are comfortable with me, my style of therapy and to feel confident you can be helped without too much financial burden. I learnt through the personal experience of my own therapy just how important the right therapist is in determining its success. Feel free to come and chat with me and see how I can help you... let’s get started in changing your world.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appt I can be contacted through email or via mobile.

Tel: 07900 175355

Email: lee@thequietspace.org

Website: www.thequietspace.org


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