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Hypnotherapist, senior nurse

Wrawby, Lincolnshire, DN20 8RD
Phone: 07943728851
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The therapy offered by Piece of Minds covers a wide range of medical conditions that can be successfully treated and has long term results. The treatments are personalised to a client's needs, making clients more confident, positive, stronger and calmer for controlling their lives. Sessions are available after an initial consultation.
The company is managed by Susan Lawrence who has extensive experience in the Nursing and Hypnotherapy industry and is passionate about her work. Susan's dedication is reflected in her warmth, empathy and unique ability to inspire people to make them more confident, motivated and driven for the rest of their lives, having previously been limited in opportunities to develop and achieve success.
With Susan Lawrence's extensive experience, determination and enthusiasm, Piece of Minds Hypnotherapy Clinic has an excellent reputation, and prides itself in its outstanding results.
Piece of Minds Hypnotherapy aims to help and transform clients to be who and what they want to be and to be able to control the condition needing treatment, including fears, phobias, trauma, weight issues and many other disorders.
Susan is also the leading Hypnoband (virtual gastric band) Practitioner in North Lincs and Doncaster.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm. Open on a weekend in exceptional circumstances.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: From Brigg going towards Wrawby you pass a junction to Elsham on your left. Pass the junction and immediately indicate Rt. Just past the junction on the Rt side you will see a large privot hedge and a house standing in its own grounds. Please come up the drive and park behind the main house.


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