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Victoria Pilling Counselling & Creative Learning

Bacup, Lancashire, OL13
Phone: 07732798573
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About me

Successful Diploma in Person Centred Practice & Theory. Humanistic approaches. Creative play- arts/crafts.Working with Dreams, Visualisations. Successful FDA Degree, Counselling & Brief Interventions Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focus, NLP &CBT. I have supported clients with issues bereavement, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, sexual/mental/physical abuse, couples, relationships, stress etc.Experience working with dyslexia; allow me to support you with managing your way of being.

Counselling is a joint venture therefore finding the right therapist is very important.

As a qualified person centred counsellor with an integrated therapeutic approach that allows both the client and counsellor to work together while maintaining the focus on ‘you’ the client.

Seeking counselling will give you that support, allowing you to share issues that are important to you. This is done in a confidential and safe environment with you being listened too empathically, and sensitively, to any issues or concerns which you feel are affecting you in your life. These may be issues from your past, present or the worry of the future, which may be causing you distress such as depression, low self-esteem, lack of Confidence, relationship difficulties, or if you feel like you just simply can’t cope.

I offer one to one counselling, couples counselling, relationship counselling with spouse, parent, child and also specialised in working with client’s living with dyslexia.

Companies or Organisations

Workplace stress can lead to an employee having time off work therefore limiting the productivity of work growth and business success. Counselling can help reduce anxieties, stress and depression that in turn could improve mental health and increase their motivation towards job satisfaction, and commitment.

Dyslexia and Communication Awareness

I have extensive experience of working with Dyslexia. The emphasis is usually around the education aspect. I offer a one to one counselling, mentoring service and group workshops.

On a one to one counselling I would offer support to clients, allowing a better understanding of living with ‘their ‘dyslexia. How to manage and improve confidence and enable a better way of being, allowing a more proactive interaction with self and others.

Group workshops will offer a therapeutic approach aimed at teachers, support workers, parents with dyslexic children, foster carers, and other professionals that are in a supportive role in their job dealing with people that may have Dyslexia. I offer knowledge in areas around barriers, communication, understanding and awareness of dyslexia.

This service encompasses an empathic knowledge and understanding to aid a better two-way communication and an understanding of the positive gifts of dyslexia. By using an adaptable approach and gaining strategies that allow an outcome of a two way inclusive communication.

I have been in the counselling sector for 5 years and during my time I have experienced a wide range of clients with different issues. I have worked for counselling agencies over the years, in various settings such as Women’s Centre, Children Community Centres and many more. Working with clients who have experienced difficulties with bereavement, sexual, Mental, emotional, domestic abuse, neglect, depression, anxiety, stress, strokes, Work related stress etc., Parent’s with children that have the condition ADHD, relationship difficulties and couple counselling. Other areas of work include working with Children in schools with, anger management, learning difficulties, nurturing and many more issues.

Why I should choose counselling

In life there are always changes happening and this can impact on home, social or even work life situations. For example, loss of a job can cause stress, anxiety or bereavement causing, depression, anger and guilt. There are so many more problems and it is how you deal with these challenges that make the difference to your wellbeing.

The way I work: Brief and long term counselling. Below are the integrated therapeutic approaches I offer with what the client may come with.

Person Centred - I like to call this term client focussed

I would listen to’ you’ and what is important for ‘you’ to talk and share, Using my core conditions empathy (almost looking through your eyes), congruence (honesty) and unconditional positive regards (non-judgmental). To enable you to feel heard and listened to, at a depth with exploring your journey, gaining awareness to enable you to take which path you need too with a self-discovery of what is right for you.

Brief Therapy - Motivational Interviewing
I am here to listen to you, even if your lacking in motivation by offering a space to understand the ambivalence around your problem that may limit your motivation. I will aspire to create an awareness and empower individuals motivation, communicating together to enable you to have a solution.


This is working with your unconscious mind that plays out whilst sleeping. Exploring your dreams together, those are messages about you and your life situations. So when conscious (awake) can seem confusing. Let me help you to gain an understanding

CBT (I use CBT with a Client Centred Approach)

This approach allows you to gain an insight to your values and core beliefs with an understanding that, impacts on your negative thinking causing a distorted perception, hence a vicious cycle. Using different strategies can provide an approach for you to use in difficult times to help you get through and moving forward with a positive perception.


Working with this approach can enable you to deal with and cope with different parts within you for example the inner frightened child of you may need to feel more support from your inner confident part within you. You create your own visual with the support along the way. This is not hypnosis.

Creative play

This is a process allowing you to use different art/craft/toys/button/ornaments and other materials. Subconsciously your emotions, thoughts and behaviours can become clearer through engaging and exploring what may be causing you, upset, anger, frustration, sadness etc.

Solution Focus

Using this approach deals with your concerns in the present time and aiming to gain a solution.

NLP- Neurology Linguistic Programming

NLP explores your relationships between how you think (Neuro), to the way you communicate (linguistic), followed by your pattern of behaviours and emotions (Programming). This is a powerful change management tool that can help change the way you think and act improving your personal or professional life. The impact is more successful by dealing with situations in a more positive and motivational way.

I will help you to explore any issues, while displaying a non-judgemental attitude and maintaining confidentiality. I will be there to support you through any difficulties you are experiencing and help you to explore, make changes, or to accept the things you don’t want to change of you, while providing you with the tools to empower yourself.

Training, qualifications & experience

FDA Degree Brief Therapies in Counselling Level 5
Transaction Analysis 101
Diploma in NLP (Neurology -Linguistic Programming)
CBT skills and theory
Personal Development
Solution Focus
Motivational Interviewing
Research Project: Dyslexia

ABC Diploma Theory & Practice In Person Centred Counselling Level 4
Meditation and Relaxation

Humanistic approaches

PTTLS- Preparing to Teach in a Life Long learning Sector Level 3

Place2be: Creative Play Therapy
Making Endings with Children

Children Emotional well-being

Introduction to Attachment Theory & Practice

Working with Metaphor with Children

Workshop working with Children

Working with Difference & Diversity

ABC Counselling Skills Level 3

ABC Counselling Concepts Level 2

Continue Professional Development
An Introduction Safe Guarding Children
NLP Neuro- Linguistic Programming
Aspects of Domestic Violence
Somatic Movements
Relaxation and Visualisation (unconscious mind)
Energy Centres (mind body and soul)
Working with Dreams in Counselling
Vulnerable Adults
Cultural Awareness
Disability Awareness
Introduction to NLP Working with the inner child
An introduction to Mindfulness Practice for Counsellors
Reiki first & Second Degree
Asperger’s Syndrome awareness course
Domestic Violence
Occupational Health & Safety Awareness Course
The Babylon mind Psychopaths
Family therapy and couple counselling
Dyslexia Awareness
Team teach Positive Handling with in an holistic framework

Member organisations


Accredited voluntary registers

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

Areas of counselling I deal with
Affairs and betrayals
Anger management
Antisocial personality disorder
Asperger's syndrome
Avoidant personality disorder
Bipolar disorder/Manic depression
Borderline personality disorder
Carer support
Child related issues
Dependent personality disorder
Domestic violence
Emotional abuse
Family issues
Generalised anxiety disorder
Learning difficulties
Leaving care
Low self-confidence
Low self-esteem
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Panic disorder
Passive aggressive behaviour
Physical abuse
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Relationship issues
Self harm
Separation and divorce
Sexual abuse
Suicidal thoughts
Work related stress

Therapies offered
Cognitive and behavioural therapies
Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
Humanistic therapies
Other therapies
Person-centred therapy
Solution focused brief therapy


The 1 hour session allows time for arrival and settling in time, 50 minute therapy and time to check out before leaving.

Adult Counselling Sessions - £40 5% Discount on 6 or 8 block bookings

Couples Counselling - £60 per hour 5% Discount on 8 block bookings

Organisations/Companies - Rates following consultations.

Student Trainee Counsellor - Counselling session - £30.00 per session. 5% Discount on 8,12 or 20 block bookings

Children/Young Adults - £30.00 1 hour sessions. 5% Discount on 6 or 8 block bookings.

Cancellations should be made within a 48hr notice period. Fail to do so will result in Full charge.

Method of Payment
Currently all payments to be made by cash on the day.

Further information

Instead of sitting with what is bothering you, Offer yourself time and space to deal with your challenges in a place that is totally non-judgemental and confidential, allowing a process that supports you through your journey with sensitivity in a safe environment and knowing we can deal with this together along your way.

Thank you for taking your time to read my profile; this is your first step towards making the decision for ‘you’, a step towards feeling freer or even a lighter sense because of unloading the emotional baggage that can lay heavy in your heart or and on your shoulders.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday - Friday Days and Evenings

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Burnley & Rossendale Area


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