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  • 5 Sealand Drive, Rochester, Kent ME2 2GN.

About Counsellor

I practice in two areas of Essex and Kent in the field of counselling.
In my 20 years of counselling I have worked in many areas of personal issues. Support is often sought when we are most low in our emotions, talking therapy can support those who cannot see clearly how to turn their lives around and find their happiness again. It is not mystical, it comes from the heart, we transform our issues from negative to positive and hopefully peace and happiness is what we find.
Counselling can provide this support, enrich your lives and regain a the self we want to see.
I work with children, adults, couples and individuals who need help with depression, stress, trauma , eating disorders or just want to find pout how to be happy.
Brief therapy consists of up to 6 sessions.
Long term can be discussed for more serious issues.

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