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Fifth World Counselling

Fifth World Counselling

  • 232 Middle Deal Road, Deal, Kent CT14 9SW.

About Fifth World Counselling

I am a counsellor who has worked with many issues and problems with clients ranging from 13 to over 90. To list the issues I have worked with would possibly be too long, so just to give an example, issues I have worked with starting with the letter ’a’ include: abuse, addiction, anger management and anxiety. The most common issues are work related stress and depression.

If you choose to work with me, we will work in a style that suits you best. We will explore the values and meanings you hold in your life: which ones serve you and you could use more of and which are possibly holding you back. I would be there for guidance and support as we explore but not to tell you what to do.

I work in either my counselling room or at the client’s home if that is more convenient.

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