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Chris Eggleton Counselling

  • 67-69 Widmore Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 3AA.

About Chris Eggleton Counselling

As a private counsellor, I specialise in working with clients with alcohol and drug issues to enable them to change their behaviour and to address the emotional and psychological difficulties that may underlie it. The consequences of drug and alcohol addiction and misuse are very often profound and far-reaching, damaging our lives and the lives of those around us. This deterioration in our personal and professional relationships is just the beginning. Ultimately, alcohol and drugs problems, if left unaddressed, almost invariably result in severe and long-term physical and psychological health issues from which, in some cases, full recovery may not be an option.

If you suspect that you may possess an alcohol or drugs related problem, it is always better to discuss your concerns and the potential options available to you with a professional, whether your GP or a drugs/alcohol specific organization or individual, rather than ignoring it and carrying on as normal or pretending it doesn’t exist. The genuine concerns of those around you, however unwelcome they may be to hear, are often a reliable indicator that a problem may exist.

I offer my clients a cohesive package of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, tools and techniques to facilitate their progress in recovery from whatever the challenge they currently face.

My integrative professional training enables me to provide to my clients a combination of therapeutic approaches that draws upon those elements of each that most effectively benefit the client’s insight and progress.

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