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Tring Counselling & Psychotherapy (TCP)

Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23 5ET
Phone: 07976742915
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Hello there! I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist with over 20 years experience providing counselling and coaching for life. I also work in Adult Social Care, specialising in mental health.

As a therapist, my role is to use my skills to enable you to become self-aware, to see your potential and to take steps to reach it. I am the facilitator and you are in the driving seat! I can support you whether you are in crisis and your world is falling down around you or you just would like to understand yourself better.

Therapy doesn’t have to take years; I am trained to enable you to get to the seat of your problems. You will gain a better understanding of who you are and why you may be feeling stuck - often we set up patterns where the players may be different but the issues are the same! We will look at your current situation and the tools you have to work through your issues, together with how you developed your core beliefs about yourself, your relationships and the world [based on childhood perceptions]. Using this insight, I will help you understand yourself better so that you can make choices so that you create a happy and fulfilling future.

It is not what we have.. but how we use what we have As adults, we are responsible for our destiny and the consequences of our actions; we are not victims but survivors.

Being employed within the field of mental health and disabilities, I am also committed to providing support to people with disabilities and to carers.

Feedback from my clients

When I was at a low ebb, the opportunity to feel listened to and have some positive actions to take forward was quite literally an absolute life saver. Kim is positive, sensitive, experienced and so easy to talk to I cannot recommend her highly enough. BK

Kim's' profound knowledge underpinned by warmth and humanity, shone a bright leading light through my grief journey. AM

When I first met Kim, I felt trapped by my feelings and could see no light at the end of my personal tunnel. After working through my issues, Kim helped me understand that my destiny was in my own hands. She has helped me understand my past and to look forward to a bright future. She is an open minded, sensitive, caring Counsellor. CM

How I work
I am eclectic in my approach and flexible to meet the needs of each client. I work within a range of psychotherapeutic, humanistic and cognitive models and the tools I use may include early recollections, EFT, art, role play and relaxation - whatever helps you understand and express yourself best!

Supervision and personal therapy; ongoing.
CPD; ongoing
Insurance; up to date
Code of ethics; BACP ASIIP AAMET

Training, qualifications & experience
BA [Hons.], maj Psych.
Cert. / Dip Adl. Couns.
CSCT/AEB Cert. Couns. Comb.
PHTA Dip Psychotherapy
Dip Hypnotherapy
EFT Level 2
BACP Certificate of Proficiency

Areas of expertise

Relationships; individuals, couples - I see couples initially to look at presenting issues and goals for therapy. I then quite often ask to see individuals separately to look at core beliefs, past unresolved issues, intimacy issues, expressing emotions etc.,- issues that may need exploring in more depth before therapy as a couple resumes
Mild/moderate mental health issues - insight and coping strategies
Depression, [we look at personal history, emotions that are being ‘de pressed’, energy that is depleted, strengths, life style and ways to cope]
Anxiety, Panic, Agoraphobia. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Personal history, origins of the stress, reasons for ‘the freeze’, coping strategies, anxiety management techniques
Sexual abuse, self-abuse and its survival. I will listen to you story and help you find a way through
Parenting philosophy and tips; The STEP Programme, Mistaken Goals of Childhood misbehaviour, effect of parenting style on children
Bereavement; we talk about loss and how major loss triggers previous loss, the process of grief. Over time, I support you to emerge into the person you want to be and the life you feel able to live
The Food Mood connection – how we use food to fix our emotional pain
Disability; living with disability and focusing on ability
Epilepsy awareness and maximising independence
Support for carers; the complexity of emotions, grief, guilt, loss, insight and investment in the future
Autistic Spectrum; Epilepsy; insight, coaching for life, wellness plan
Self-development; strengths and skills, assertion, self-awareness, esteem and confidence building
Stress management and relaxation; origins of individual stress and education to feel grounded again
Supervisor to counsellors
EFT and Hypnosis; phobias, habits, self-development etc

Self development and Insight
I also offer ten sessions to enable you to discover your 'Life Style' -
This is a largely an academic exercise where we uncover our blueprint of all our thoughts, feelings and hypotheses about life, about men and women, intimacy, how emotions are to be dealt with, how we see our place in the world, our view of success, etc etc and is based on childhood perceptions of childhood experiences. Perceptions that often still operate in adulthood.

Our Life Style, is the suitcase that we pack for life's journey and contains all our experiences, good and bad, all our relationships and how we perceive these experiences. Together we unpack your suitcase and shed those which (our beliefs) are no longer useful to us;
The infant is born into a play in process and being weak, is reliant on others and feels inferior. So s/he strives towards the self chosen goal of significance, protecting her/himself from these feelings of inferiority, creating her unique system of meeting difficulties, the Lifestyle. The more encouragement the child receives, the more confident and significant the adult will feel.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Availability.
Thursdays 9.15 - 3 pm
Fridays 9.15 -3 pm.
Weekdays from 6 - 9.30 with prior notice.

Fees - Face to Face sessions Counselling 60 minute Individual session £50 Coaching (60 mins) £50 (individual concessions available on request) Telephone or Skype sessions Counselling 30/60 minute session £25.00/£45.00 Coaching (60 mins) £50

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: From the M25.
• Junction 20 A41 Aylesbury
• Take Tring Exit – London Road [ See map]
• Take third exit to Town centre
• Go over mini Tesco roundabout
• At second mini roundabout take second exit into Brook Street [you will see the Robin Hood pub on the corner]
• Go past a garage on the right and market place on the left, pass a terrace of cottages with single parking.
Opposite is New Road, where it is best to park.
I will send you my address etc. as part of my induction pack when we speak and make an appointment


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