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  • Loudwater Lane, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire WD3 4HP.

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Most human beings find that at times life can be difficult, perplexing and lacking a sense of purpose and direction. People can often feel angry, anxious, depressed and worried. Counselling will offer no quick and easy solutions but it can provide an opportunity to confidentially discuss painful feelings, thoughts and emotions.

It is not an easy decision to come to see a counsellor as it is a process which requires commitment of time and effort from both parties. As a counsellor I cannot give you the answers – the purpose and goal is to help you to find your own answers, to help you better understand yourself, and by doing so hopefully better understand your relationship to the world in which we all live.

I believe it is possible for individuals to make changes to themselves, how they view the world and how they see themselves in the world. Counselling can enable people to develop a better sense of realism, of self worth and inner strength.

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