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Lorraine McGinlay

Letchworth, Hertfordshire, SG6 2AX
Phone: 07979 682 933
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Couples & Relationship Counselling

I do know how difficult it can be to talk to anyone about your innermost thoughts and feelings or about an intimate relationship. The really hard part is taking that first step and making contact with somebody who may be able to support you or you and your partner as you move towards change. I approach the delicate issues of relating, intimacy and sexuality with understanding and sensitivity, always holding them in an atmosphere of integrity and safety.

Couples counselling helps you to make the most of your relationship with your partner, or others that are important to you. I provide a safe and supportive environment away from daily life to talk, listen, express feelings and reflect to better understand how you feel and how you interact in your relationships.

All relationships have high and low points, great times and not so great times. There are occasions when couples may benefit from being together in an impartial place with another person to help them through their current difficulties.

Relationships can become \"gridlocked\", repeating destructive patterns. Some of the difficulties I work with include:

Arguments and Conflict
Jealousy and Anger
Separation and Divorce
Extra Marital Affairs
Commitment Issues
Health or Money Worries
Life Changes
Domestic Abuse
Pre-marital Counselling
Sexual Problems

Benefits from couples counselling may include:

Improved communication
Heightened awareness and understanding of your own and your partner`s needs
Increased trust and tolerance of each other
Rebuilding of connection in your relationship

Psychosexual Issues

As a BACP & COSRT Accredited Psychosexual Therapist I provide a professional and confidential environment for identifying and resolving sexual difficulties. I am trained and abide by the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) codes of ethics and principles of good practice. I work with all sexual issues and welcome clients whether individuals, couples, married, unmarried or same sex relationships.

Sex can be fun, exciting and a time of intimate closeness. However, if you are troubled by a sexual issue it can be a time of high anxiety and stress. Psychosexual counselling works on the underlying causes of sexual difficulties, which are often based on stress, performance anxiety, intimacy issues, depression, long term health conditions and disability, boredom or problems in the relationship. Psychosexual counselling will help to uncover the sources of the problem, gain insight and develop techniques for overcoming the difficulty.


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