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Creating Change – NLP

Waltham Chase, Hampshire, SO32 2NY
Phone: 07729166971
Website Address: www.completehealth4you.co.uk
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                          COACHING REMOTELY  DURING COVID

All my Consultation Sessions will still be via Telephone, Zoom or Skype

Following the latest easing of Lock-down I will be continuing to offer all of my Coaching sessions remotely for the time being.

I am classed as Clinically High Risk & Extremely Vulnerable due to my Chronic Auto Immune Disease.

I hope you understand that my needs & safety are equally as important as yours.

With the virus still in active circulation I am unable to carry out face to face consultations.

Thank you for your patience & understanding .



NLP is a great way of getting the life you have always wanted !

It works a bit like updating your computer ! We tend to get stuck in Automatic Behaviour patterns that sometimes are not very helpful....that's because a lot of what we do is controlled by our Sub conscious brain.

NLP works by raising your awareness and allowing you to use your Conscious Brain so keeping you in control of your emotions and responses day to day.....It frees you from old behaviour.

As your Coach I am ultimately asking you questions that will highlight any areas of your life where you are feeling stuck. Whilst most of your life is chugging along quite nicely there are often one or two areas that are not going quite as well.

That's where I come in as I help you to become unstuck ! I give you easy to use techniques that allow you to change any unwanted thoughts or behaviours with ease .This is turn means you will start to act and fell differently and the best bit is these new behaviours soon become second nature. The end result is you living the life you want. You will become clearer in your thinking and things will just slot into place.

Sessions last between One and a half hours to Two Hours and results are usually achieved within  3 to 10 sessions.  NLP is not one size fits all however so often results happen a lot quicker....even after just 1 to 2 sessions !

What have you got to lose ? IF NOTHING CHANGES THEN NOTHING CHANGES !!

Opening Times

Opening Times: Mon- Fri 10am to 5.30pm

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Clewers Lane Waltham Chase......near Botley


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