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Antonia Charlton Counselling

  • 9 Basingwell Street Lower, Bishop's Waltham, Southampton SO32 1AJ, UK.

About Antonia Charlton Counselling

I believe in the healing power of you telling your story, of being heard and seen, of knowing that what you say matters. I offer short and long term counselling for adults in a safe and reflective space, where you can gain awareness, discover choices, grow and ultimately heal as well as learn to empower yourself.

What I can help with:
Anxiety: My heart is racing. My breath is shallow.
Stress: I feel overloaded.
Depression: I have no energy. I lost motivation. The black dog that sits on me.
Trauma: I do not feel safe anymore.
Loss and Grief: Someone or something I had is gone. It has left an emptiness that hurts.
Confusion: My head is in a muddle. I need time and space to think.
Stuck-ness: I am trying hard to find a solution, but I keep going around in circles.
Overwhelm: I cannot cope.
Self-esteem: I am not good enough
Shame: I am unlovable. I am a mistake.
Loneliness: I feel separate. I do not fit in. There is no one I can talk to. No one understands me.
Maybe you know what you definitely do not want. Maybe you already have an idea what it is that you and I can do together to support you. Maybe you feel overwhelmed or confused. Whatever your starting point is, I will do my best to support you.

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