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Anne Therapy Services

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About Anne Therapy Services

Hi, My name is Anne. I have been a counsellor/psychotherapist for 21 years and supervisor for 11 years, working with adults, couples and children. My focus is very much on the client’s needs, and working at your pace, in a caring and safe way, looking at a wide range of short term, on-going and/or long term issues around trauma, stress, anxiety, phobias etc. which can affect your everyday life and I offer a number of tools that you can use to support yourself over the long term.  I believe therapy is about helping you to empower yourself with the ability to cope with life, and for you to feel confident to be able to do this outside of a therapy session.
I am an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, and this technique is also known as a tapping tool.  It can help overcome negative beliefs, emotions and thought patterns, reduce anxiety over exams/driving test etc., chronic pain, cravings, phobias, past trauma, etc.  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is commonly referred to as psychological acupressure. The therapy aims to release emotional blockages within the body’s energy system. EFT works on the premise that the body contains energy channels. When these energy channels become blocked or unbalanced, it is believed to lead to emotional and physical illness.
I have worked for 16 years with children with trauma and attachment issues.  As young people and adults we carry a lot of our past experiences with us and some of this can be trauma-based, however big or small. I have extensive knowledge of dealing with historical trauma and can help you to overcome the issues that are still affecting you.
My costs per 50 minute sessions are £45 for individual and £65 for couples.  All therapy is currently being undertaken via Zoom or telephone call, so there is more flexibility and availability, and therapy can take place in the comfort of your own home.

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