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Carol Maynard Psychotherapy & Counselling

  • Cheadle, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

About Carol Maynard Psychotherapy & Counselling

Happy to do a free video or phone call initially - contact me to arrange this

Please note practice times are typically between 9am-5pm, no evenings or weekends.

I WORK WITH; adults, couples & young people.
I WORK FACE TO FACE; indoors & outdoors in Cheshire & South Manchester areas in Cheadle & Wilmslow.
I WORK ONLINE; UK wide & internationally through Zoom.
I WORK OUTDOORS; in nature with walk & talk, outdoor therapy & wilderness therapy

MY WORK COVERS; family & childhood, health issues, body aches & pains, eating, addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD, attachment, relationships, codependency, marriage, divorce & separation.

INDIVIDUAL WORK; My focus with individuals is based in Transactional Analysis (TA) Psychotherapy, which for me is a really accessible form of therapy & one that made total sense to me when I started personal therapy. I also believe that all experiences & emotions are stored in the body, so often I ask clients to notice what’s happening in their bodies to match the situation or thought to help gain awareness. I am a ‘why’ person & believe you need to go backwards to understand & acknowledge in order to go forwards. I enjoy helping clients be curious, join the dots, peel back the layers, gain awareness & to have a different experience in life

COUPLES WORK; The work I do with clients is based around Imago Couples Therapy. Imago is the latin for ‘image’ & is the term used for the unconscious image we hold for our potential partner, the ‘unconscious image of familiar love.’ Imago was introduced by Harville Hendrix & helps couples understand why they were attracted to each other, teaches them about the stages of a relationship & helps them understand how they got in to difficulty. It provides knowledge & tools to have a different & better relationship, improved communication & an understanding of each other’s feelings & childhood wounds.

WHAT I AM NOT; If you are looking for a ‘quick 'fix’ or just purely coping mechanisms, I may not be the right person for you. I would imagine my approach might be too in-depth & I might ask you too many questions. I may also not be right for you if you are just looking to come for one session, if you are not wanting to enquire & find out ‘why’ or to consider links with past experiences & what was modelled or not modelled to you in childhood.

PASSIONATE ABOUT: I am passionate about helping people understand why they think, feel & act the way they do, helping people gain awareness about how they relate to themselves & others, understanding the root of it all, helping people get unstuck, the connection between body-mind-emotions-lifestyle-experiences, understanding what the body is trying to tell us or can tell us, understanding clients language & helping them finding language for what they are experiencing, helping therapy being accessible to clients, clients feeling safe & secure & being in it together with clients on their journey.

INTERESTED IN; attachment theory, trauma work, the effects of childhood trauma & neglect, self-worth & boundaries, relationships, the roots of anxiety along with the different types of anxiety & how it presents, body therapy, psycho-somatic sensations, Imago couples therapy, nature as therapy, working with children to reduce future emotional distress in adulthood.

TRAINING; Level 4 Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy from an Integrative Perspective / 101 Transactional Analysis Certificate / Trauma Focused Therapy / Imago Couples Relationship Therapy / Acceptance & Commitment Therapy / Taking Therapy Outside / Taking Therapy Online / Wilderness Therapeutic Interventions

THE JOURNEY; began in 2014 with personal therapy & from believing I should be able to sort myself out to knowing everyone can benefit from therapy. Found therapy tough but great & life changing. Went from not knowing what my feelings & emotions were or where to find them to being able to recognise them, talk about them & feel them. I felt lighter, less anxious & more able to cope with difficult situations. Started training as a psychotherapist in 2016 & began seeing clients in February 2018. Learnt a huge amount about myself & ended the 4 year course a different person & ready to give that to others.

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