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Muslim Marriage Counselling & CBT Therapist

Abbey Hey, Greater Manchester, M188tw
Sk14 1dw
Phone: 07948731764
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When your struck with life events that leave you emotionally torn, with problems that feel overwhelming and unsolvable and where you can’t seem to find a way forward - Counselling is a good place to start.

Talking to friends and family can help, but there are times in life we all need a little more support and self care, somewhere impartial where you won’t be judged.  A space to really decide what you want and need and how to go about getting there.

My way of working with you, is to give you the space for confidential sharing.  To help you to understand yourself and your situation and allow you the space to process and move forward.

This method of Counselling is underpinned with Islamic principles, so that you don’t feel your religious beliefs have to be compromised.

For individuals...

I work with people whom have gone through traumatic life experiences, grief and loss and personal life crisis.

For couples...

I facilitate couples to make their relationships better, improve communication, connection and understanding and reduce tension and stress in the marriage.


4 Reviews/Comments on "Muslim Marriage Counselling & CBT Therapist"

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Rating :

You are an incredible counsellor and I feel that without your help and support everything, I wouldn’t be getting stronger mentally. You have helped me through many personal struggles and I helped me see the possible in the impossible. I thank you whole heartedly for all that you have done for me.

Rating :

Excellent services. Words can’t describe the monumental good this service provides.

Saima j
Rating :
I would strongly advice counselling with nazma, she is so so amazing in what she does. I feel like counselling has really helped me reflect on my personal issues and self. I feel like counselling has really shaped me in trying to be a better version of my self. Also, In terms of my relationship with my spouse, I feel more confident in addressing issues, communicating and finding ways to deal with problems. Counselling has given me better understanding of my spouse, and reasoning behind why certain situations may occur in my relationship. I would strongly advice counselling if you… Read more »
Ms Ahmed
Rating :

I was always sceptical of trying counselling, the thought of telling a stranger all my personal issues made nervous but Nazma made me feel so comfortable. I was able to find actual solutions to my problems which made me feel so good! Nazma taught me methods of how to overcome some of my issues and more importantly she listened to me and helped me. I am still on my journey but I know that before this I was a mess and Nazma has helped me to piece my life back together one step at a time.

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