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Dr Penny Lenihan Senior Consultant Psychologist and Gender Specialist

Mayfair, Greater London (Westminster), W1K 5JH
Website Address: www.drpennylenihan.com
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I am a Senior Consultant Psychologist and Gender Specialist who works with clients with a range of presenting issues to find a way through them together. I primarily come from a person-centred and systemic approach, but I have trained in, used and supervised a range of therapeutic orientations. My services focus on facilitating clients in making their own decisions and choices in an equal professional counselling and consultation partnership.

Clients may have a diverse range of  issues, such as around:

General anxiety
Social anxiety
Family and significant others
Living well
Lifestyle and major life changes.

If you would like assistance with any of these, or, an issue that it is not mentioned, please contact my practice manager Ana at enquiries@drpennylenihan.com to discuss this further.

Please note that if you have severe unmanaged mental health issues and/or have deliberately self harmed or attempted suicide in the last 6 months, my services are not appropriate for you. As an adult practitioner I am afraid that I cannot see under 18s, but an advance appointment can be made for after your 18th birthday.

Types of Appointments

Counselling and psychotherapy.

Relationship counselling.

Family therapy.

Consultations and counselling around gender and gender identity.

Adult assessments, consultations and counselling around autism.

Counselling to trans and nonbinary people and/or their parents, partners and significant others around gender, gender reassignment and transition.

Remote options are available for many types of appointments - see www.drpennylenihan.com for further details.


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