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Stuart Watson Counselling London

Whitechapel, Greater London (Tower Hamlets), E11BY
Phone: 0741457266407775686956
Website Address: stuartwatsoncounselling.co.uk
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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? or misunderstood? do you often find it hard to voice your opinion? is it hard at times to even know what you think? do you seem to care more than others about animals, the environment and doing the right thing? do you feel like there must be more to life than you currently experience? do you sometimes feel different from others and like you don't fit in? If you answered yes to any of these I know how painful this can be. I can help you to understand yourself better, find life more manageable, learn to express yourself more assertively and help you to value your unique and special gifts.
I provide my clients with the highest professional standards. I offer a comfortable and confidential space of empathic listening for people experiencing depression, anxiety or overwhelm. You will be welcome to explore your issues at a suitable pace. My clients report this helps them heal their wounds, grow in confidence, and find greater meaning in life.
I have both personal and professional experience of helping people manage high sensitivity. Mindfulness and meditation is a very effective tool which I use in my clinical work. I can support you to learn self care, avoid overwhelm, feel understood and to express yourself more authentically. Contact me to discuss how I can help you.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday to Wednesday 9am - 9pm

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: 5 minute walk from Whitechapel station


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